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Artist Editions are a hit!

We wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who participated in the Artist Editions Live Auction. We were able to raise almost $600 for the  True Colors Fund from the auction of these Tank Tops.

Summary: Monkey & The Bee return with: Artist Editions. We had local artist, Cherie Fruehan , hand paint ONLY 5 of our “OUR AMERICA” Tank tops to auction off Live on Facebook & Instagram.

Thank you Walter Lee (aka Jada Pinkett Fox) for co-hosting with The Monkey (aka Frank), you are always there for us when we need some support and we truly value your friendship!

A special thank you to Artist Cherie Fruehan for hand-painting our “Our America” tank tops and donating your time and artistic vision to create something truly one-of-a-kind for us. You took our tanks as inspiration and really captured the spirit of what Monkey & The Bee is.

And our HIGHEST BIDDER for the Our America Freddie Mercury Tank was Brent Allen Love … who graciously donated $200 for this tank top. Thank you Thank you Thank you! You are an amazing guy and your donation is greatly appreciated!

Artist Edition Liberty | Our America | Monkey & The Bee | Cherie Fruehan
Artist Edition Lion | Our America | Monkey & The Bee | Cherie Fruehan
Artist Edition Lady | Our America | Monkey & The Bee | Cherie Fruehan
Artist Edition Disco | Our America | Monkey & The Bee | Cherie Fruehan
Artist Edition Freddie | Our America | Monkey & The Bee | Cherie Fruehan

We will continue with the Artist Editions Live Auctions
and in the future we’ll work out some of the kinks like getting a microphone for the camera 😛


Missed the Auction?

You can still donate directly to the True Colors Fund on our

Fundraising Team Page!

Join us in helping raise some $$$ for a good cause!

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What a whirlwind!

Chance | Swain Artist Management | Monkey & The Bee | Artist Editions

WOW! Thank you is all we can say!

The last few months at Monkey & The Bee have been amazing. Not only do our pop-up shops continue to introduce us to more of the dallas community but you all keep coming back for more!

Here’s a quick recap of what’s been going on:

THANK YOU ALL AGAIN FOR THE SUPPORT! We will continue to bring you new and fresh ideas on tees/tanks/ and more!


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