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Common asked questions answered by the Monkey

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Good afternoon! I want to first say Thank You to the response that we’ve received for Monkey & The Bee. The views, the shares, the shopping, and the comments are all a huge help and greatly appreciated. We at Monkey & The Bee are striving to make our products and presence online and in person as easy and carefree as your favorite tee. Since we’ve started, we have been asked several common questions.


Are you the “monkey”?

Why yes, yes I am indeed the Monkey in Monkey & The Bee.

Where did the name come from?

“Monkey” comes from a common joke my grandfather would make when I was small. He would see a monkey, gorilla, chimp, ape, on tv or in a pic and say it was me. The Bee, is a derivative of my partner’s last name.

Do you eat a lot of banana’s?

I do indeed enjoy a good banana, almost daily.

Can I buy your products in a store?

Well hopefully soon. As of right now, they are only available online.

Can I buy them from you directly?

Not yet, but keep checking back. We don’t quite keep inventory on us readily available, but are working on that daily.

Do you only do shirts?

We do gift items as well, all of which are available on

What sizes does your stuff come in?

Typically we have these sizes (but if you message us we can always look into different size options for you.)

  • Mens: XS – 4XL

What Brand of T-shirts do you use? 

All of our shirts are printed on high quality t-shirts from companies like:

  • Bella + Canvas
  • StarTee Apparel
  • Next Level
  • Cotton Heritage

Do you do custom work, like customization?

Unfortunately, we are not a screen printing company to do customization, but you never know what the future holds! IF you are looking for something specific in terms of style, color, or size, please don’t hesitate to message us. “The Bee” does do t-shirt designs for other companies and can be found at

Will you be doing anything [insert theme] related? 

We are currently working on potential seasonal and large event themed items as well as general merchandise.

Keep the questions and comments coming and check frequently with the Monkey & The Bee social media and website.

Thanks again!



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