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Shop, Support, & Give Back

Love Unconditionally: Awareness Tee | Monkey & The Bee | NAVY | Front worn by actor Michael Russell

Monkey & The Bee is approaching our 2nd anniversary! We could not be more thankful for the show of support we have received in the past two years from our customers. When we decided to launch our shop one of the goals was to be able to give back to the community that supports us. We may be small but we are doing what we can to continue to bring you fun, interesting, new designs while still giving back to help support some great organizations.

Currently we have 4 places where you can help us help some organizations … Check them out!

Love Unconditionally: Awareness Tee | Monkey & The Bee | RED


This simple, yet powerful, message just states “LOVE, unconditionally.” No gimmicks, no tricks, a bold statement that we ask everyone to do. The word “unconditionally” is written by the Monkey’s Mom. We asked her to help us when designing this shirt because no matter what is going on … she loves us unconditionally.

$5 from the sale of each of these tees from now until the end of the year will be donated to the Resource Center – Food Pantry

2018 Piece of My Heart | Awareness Tee | Love Unconditionally | Monkey & The Bee


This design signifies the idea of two hearts becoming one to create a complete picture. It features a background image inspired by a painting that “the BEE” did almost 15 years ago and the words Love, Unconditionally in the bottom left corner. As with our other Love, Unconditionally: Awareness Tees we will be donating $5 from the sale of each of these shirts directly back to a different charity each month.

$5 from the sale of each of these tees from now until we sell out will be donated to:

H.E.L.P. Ft. Worth

Eros | an artist collaboration | Ven & Monkey & The Bee

EROS: An Artist Collaboration

Eros, our first partnership with local artist VEN has turned out to be an amazing collaboration. Each of these long-sleeve tees started off with the same screen print. The graphic, based off a part of Ven’s painting “EROS,” wraps around the top near the neck line as well as around the side to the back. Then Ven hand-painted each of these limited edition collectors’ tees to make each one truly unique.

$15 from the sale of each of these tees from now until the end of the year will be donated to:

Resource Center – Youth First

Join our Fundraising team and give back to:

The True Colors Fund!

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Introducing: Artist Collaborations

Proud to introduce a new line of Tees called our Artist Collaborations. Similar to our Artist Edition tees that we auction off for the TRUE COLORS FUND each year, these tees will donate back to charity, but will be produced in a larger (yet limited) quantity.  These tees will take a graphic element and combine them with the vision of the selected artist to create wearable art.

Our first venture is with Dallas Artist Ven. Monkey & The Bee has taken a piece of one of his paintings and had it screen printed onto a long sleeve white tee. The print wraps around the neck collar to the back as well as from the front side to the back. What truly makes these t-shirts unique, is after the screen printing process, Ven hand-painted in a similar style to the original painting on each of the shirts. Each one of these shirts is a real piece of wearable art and a collaboration between Monkey & The Bee and Ven.

25% of the proceeds from the sale of each of this shirt design will be donated directly to the Youth First Program at the Dallas Resource Center.

Eros | an artist collaboration | Ven & Monkey & The Bee
Eros | an artist collaboration | Ven & Monkey & The Bee

Join Monkey & The Bee and Ven at:


and grab up one of these limited edition shirts!

Art saved my life. I was lucky to have found something to get me through my childhood.  Knowing the statistics, not everyone in our community is as luck as I was. I want to make sure programs like this continue to thrive, supporting our LGBTQ youth as they face the battles that we know intimately. Youth First is actively giving LGBTQ youth the tools to not only survive into adulthood, but live quality lives as adolescents by providing safe spaces to be themselves.  It is only by donations that they are able to fulfill their purpose. – Ven

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The only thing we like better than a graphic tee i…

Love Unconditionally: Awareness Tee | Monkey & The Bee | NAVY | Front worn by actor Michael Russell

The only thing we like better than a graphic tee is ripping it off the hot guy wearing it.

But we also enjoy sporting them ourselves nearly every day as part of our “writer uniform.”

So we’re proud to introduce you to one of our favorite new gay-owned businesses, Monkey & The Bee. The Dallas-based company produces a variety of wearables with several pride-themed shirts and even a grrrrreat lineup exclusively for bears.

Older guys can show a little grey pride with the Silver Fox shirt, and we totally dig this Thirsty tank top. The offerings have expanded quite a bit since we first learned about the company, so we’re thrilled to see them continue to grow. (We love things that grow!)

They’ll definitely be a go-to resource for holiday gifts, too. Heck, we’ll probably even leave an XXL t-shirt with our milk and cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve.

Gotta take care of our number-one bear, right?

Read the article at He Said Magazine!

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Inspiration & Interactions: part 1

Eagle Houston Annual Pride Street Party

We do pop-up shops … a lot of pop-up shops. So we thought … why not share with you some of our inspirations and interactions with the people that we come across during these events.

Pop-up shop, trunk show, vendor market, guerilla retail … these are all terms that we’ve learned to embrace in the past couple of years and have really come to enjoy. Every month you can check out our EVENTS page and find out where we will be next and when you can get your next dose of Monkey & The Bee (+ Glenn and “The Lady Debra”).

With this being the first, of what I hope to be many posts, we are going to share just a few of our favorite stories.

Domita Debaun Sanchez wearing custom Bear Hugs

Monkey & The Bee | Domita Sanchez | TBRU
Monkey & The Bee | Domita Sanchez | TBRU


One of the BIG events that we look forward to each year is TBRU (Texas Bear Round-Up) hosted by the Dallas Bears!

We chose TRBU as our first MAJOR event because each and every year “The Monkey” would come home from his “real job” boasting about what a great group of guys the TBRU guys are. We often do “BEAR” themed shirts and what better place to showcase them then at Texas Bear Round-Up. So we put together our first major display and headed out to see if we were “onto something” with our shirt line.

One of the best feelings during our first TRBU, was watching the doors open on the first full day and having customers from all over (including Australia) make a B-LINE straight to our booth. They seemed to really like our designs, the quality of the t-shirts, and the fact that we often offer sizes up to 4XL.

Another stand-out was this past TBRU, Miss Domita Debaun Sanchez took one of our Bear Hugs Tshirts and customized it for her drag aesthetic and hung out in the booth with us. She took pictures with customers, helped sell some shirts, and even helped do some folding. Domita has become a great customer, promoter, and best of all friend of Monkey & The Bee! #domita4bears

After our second year with TBRU, we knew that this would be an annual event for us. It’s already on our calendar for 2019 … and we are working on having new shirts, new accessories, and some new ideas for the weekend. We can’t wait to see everyone again and can all agree that these guys know how to have a good time, shop, and are a very supportive customer of ours.

Pogonophile Tank | Model Jay Fuertez | Photography Jay Fuertez

Awesome photo by Jay Fuertez


Pogonophile … ??? What’s a Pogonophile? Where did you come up with that?

The Bee” was set up at the Dallas Eagle for Bear Lockdown in the pouring rain. Luckily, we brought our tent and everyone was keeping in good spirits. The best thing from a vendor stand point about having the rain is that everyone crowds into your booth. Well, this was just the case. The patio at the Eagle was getting pretty packed. We had probably 10 people browsing our merchandise while shielding themselves from the rain. This one woman kept look at the “The Bee” and finally approached him and asked:

Can I touch your beard?

Thrown off a little, “The Bee” hesitantly replied … “Are you gonna buy a shirt :P?!?

“I can’t help it … I’m a total pogonophile?”

The woman explained that a pogonophile is an admirer of beards. “The Bee” let her touch his beard and continued chatting with the woman for a while. She was very sweet and after a long talk … “That’s going to be our next shirt!”

“The Bee” always tries to come up with something new when he’s out at vendor markets. He often gets inspiration from his surroundings and interactions with customer for new designs.

So who knows? Maybe next time you see us at a pop-up shop … something you say or do might become the next Monkey & The Bee tee!

Honey, Kiss Me Tee

Pride Fox | Monkey & The Bee | V-Neck Tee | Tshirt | LGBTQ Tee
Pride Fox | Monkey & The Bee | V-Neck Tee | Tshirt | LGBTQ Tee


Last but definitely not least … Dallas Pride! Talk about an amazing event to really boost your confidence.

2017 was our very first Pride event and we were completely unprepared. Tommy and “The Bee” arrived at set-up at 8:00am and began unloading all of our typical pop-up shop stuff and taking it to our designated area. When we arrived we noticed that all the other vendors had TENTS! You would think that this was something we would have in our inventory. But, since most of the events that we had done so far were all indoor events, we never even thought about having a tent.

Luckily Tommy decided that we would make the best of it! He convinced “The Bee” to set up our shop as a pass through between the different vendor rows. This allowed for people to walk through the middle of our row instead of having to walk all the way down to the end of the aisle of other merchants to move on to the next aisle. As a pass through, we probably got more attention that we would have if we were just set up as we normally had.

BUT … That’s not the story!

During the day, we met a ton of people and sold a lot of shirts! One of the best things about Dallas Pride is that there is a TEEN PRIDE AREA and we noticed quite a few younger people with their parents doing a little shopping and having a good time at PRIDE. This one kid kept walking through our shop. He’d stop and look at the designs, chat for a minute, and then move on. Really nice kid … but he didn’t purchase anything, he just kept coming back … would chat for a bit … and then move on. Towards the end of the day, the same kid comes back and is REALLY LOOKING at our PRIDE FOX design. He asks “The Bee” if we had it in an XS. Luckily, we still had one left. He said “GREAT!” And then LEAVES!!!

Tommy and I were both a little surprised by his departure but decided it was about time to get ready to pack up and load up the truck. We start breaking down the shop, putting away merchandise, and taking down our signs when we hear:

“Wait! Stop!” coming from a female voice.

The kid and this lovely lady are speed-walking toward the booth! Of course, we stop packing things up and wait for them to get over to the booth.

The mom asks, “Do you still have that Fox shirt in the XS? It’s the one my son REALLY LOVES! This is his first pride event and I want to be the one to buy him his first pride shirt!”

UGH! My heart melts and I wanted to just GIVE her the shirt. She insisted on paying for it, which as a small business … I appreciated. I hand the shirt to the boy and he immediate takes the shirt out of the bag and throws it on.

Who knows? Maybe next time your story will end up as part of our INTERACTIONS & INSPIRATION!

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Dallas Pride 2018

In the DNA - Monkey & The Bee - Gay Pride T-shirt Back - 2018 Dallas Pride


THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! We appreciate everyone who stopped by our booth at the 2018 Dallas Pride Festival (Official) & 2018 Dallas Pride Parade (Official). The show of support from the community is always a great thing to experience! Thank you again from Monkey (Frank Martinez), The Bee (Michael Albee Martinez), and The Lady Debra (Debra Martin-ez) — who worked with us all weekend!
#pride #dallaspride2018 #dallaspride #gay #dallas #lgbtqia #lgbtq #gaypride #monkeybeetees #monkeyandthebee #gayownedbusiness
2018 Dallas Pride | Monkey & The Bee | Monkeybeetees

Bear Hugs Tank in Blue at the parade

2018 Dallas Pride | Monkey & The Bee | Monkeybeetees

Our America Tee at the parade

2018 Dallas Pride | Monkey & The Bee | Monkeybeetees

The THIRST-Tee at the Round-Up Saloon

2018 Dallas Pride

In The DNA tanks at the parade

2018 Dallas Pride | Monkey & The Bee | Monkeybeetees

In The DNA tanks at the parade

2018 Dallas Pride | Monkey & The Bee | Monkeybeetees

In The DNA tanks at the parade

2018 Dallas Pride | Reverchon Park | Monkey & The Bee

The Bee … In The DNA tanks at the festival

2018 Dallas Pride | Monkey & The Bee | Monkeybeetees

Glenn & the Bee at Project Funway

In the DNA - Monkey & The Bee - Gay Pride T-shirt Back - 2018 Dallas Pride

In the DNA – Rainbow Double Helix (back)

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Artist Editions are a hit!

We wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who participated in the Artist Editions Live Auction. We were able to raise almost $600 for the  True Colors Fund from the auction of these Tank Tops.

Summary: Monkey & The Bee return with: Artist Editions. We had local artist, Cherie Fruehan , hand paint ONLY 5 of our “OUR AMERICA” Tank tops to auction off Live on Facebook & Instagram.

Thank you Walter Lee (aka Jada Pinkett Fox) for co-hosting with The Monkey (aka Frank), you are always there for us when we need some support and we truly value your friendship!

A special thank you to Artist Cherie Fruehan for hand-painting our “Our America” tank tops and donating your time and artistic vision to create something truly one-of-a-kind for us. You took our tanks as inspiration and really captured the spirit of what Monkey & The Bee is.

And our HIGHEST BIDDER for the Our America Freddie Mercury Tank was Brent Allen Love … who graciously donated $200 for this tank top. Thank you Thank you Thank you! You are an amazing guy and your donation is greatly appreciated!

Artist Edition Liberty | Our America | Monkey & The Bee | Cherie Fruehan
Artist Edition Lion | Our America | Monkey & The Bee | Cherie Fruehan
Artist Edition Lady | Our America | Monkey & The Bee | Cherie Fruehan
Artist Edition Disco | Our America | Monkey & The Bee | Cherie Fruehan
Artist Edition Freddie | Our America | Monkey & The Bee | Cherie Fruehan

We will continue with the Artist Editions Live Auctions
and in the future we’ll work out some of the kinks like getting a microphone for the camera 😛


Missed the Auction?

You can still donate directly to the True Colors Fund on our

Fundraising Team Page!

Join us in helping raise some $$$ for a good cause!

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We’ve been busy!

Monkey & The Bee Vendor Booth at TBRU 23 with Domita DeBaun Sanchez

Pride month has been GO GO GO for Monkey & The Bee!

Here are just a few Highlights:


Monkey & The Bee Vendor Booth at TBRU 23 with Domita DeBaun Sanchez

What a way to kick off #pridemonth for 2018 at Texas Bear Round-Up. Thank you to everyone that helped, stopped by, purchased, hung out, and supported Monkey & The Bee at TBRU this year. It’s a great event that we look forward to every year and can’t wait to do it again in March 2019! Happy Pride!

A special shout out to Domita Debaun Sanchez. We <3 you!

Artist working together!

Pogonophile Tank | Model Jay Fuertez | Photography Jay Fuertez
Big Banana Tank | Model: Freddy | Photography Jay Fuertez | Harness Johnny Martinez Leather
Cake Tee | Model: Jason | Photography Jay Fuertez | Harness Johnny Martinez Leather

Creative Photo Magician: Jay Fuertez
Clothing by: Monkey & The Bee
Amazing leather harness and jock: Johnny Martinez Leather
Models: Jay (himself), Jason, & Freddy

Thank you all!!

Houston Pride

Eagle Houston Annual Pride Street Party
Eagle Houston Annual Pride Street Party
Eagle Houston Annual Pride Street Party
Eagle Houston Annual Pride Street Party
Eagle Houston Annual Pride Street Party
Eagle Houston Annual Pride Street Party

Thank you to all of the guys at the Eagle Houston for having such a great street party over Houston Pride Weekend. We met a ton of people, sold a lot of shirts, and got to really introduce our company to the Houston Community. We are so happy that we got to make it down for this event and can’t wait to do it again!

Special Shout out to Rob & Daniel from the Eagle Houston for making the event fun and flawless!

and … this great write up at Voyage Dallas!

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May is HUGE!

Pogonophile | Bearded Man | Monkey & The Bee

May is one of our biggest months … and this year is no different!

We’ve already had a great:

We have more events coming up including:

We are currently restocking inventory as well as getting some new shirts & tanks in for our upcoming events! Definitely pre-order your wild cherries & pogonophile shirts because we are sure these won’t last!

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All around Dallas …

Naughty Bear | Graphic Tee | Monkey & The Bee

April Events

The-THIRST-Tank | Monkey & The Bee


APRIL 4th – 6PM to 9PM

Join us for the Wednesday Night Wine Walk at Cedar Springs Tap House.

Purchase a $10 CSMA Wine Glass and enjoy free wine all evening from participating merchants. Wine glasses can be purchased in front of the Round Up Saloon. Look for the lighted tent out front. The drawing for the gift basket will be held in The Round Up Saloon.

Sign up to win a great Gift Basket filled with Goodies from the Cedar Springs Merchants.

Support the Wine Walk and Support Increased Security in the Neighborhood. Help us keep you safer!

Love Unconditionally: Awareness Tee | Monkey & The Bee | NAVY | Front worn by actor Michael Russell

RAW Artists Dallas Presents Magnify

APRIL 5th – 7PM to 11PM

Join us on Thursday, April 5th at Gas Monkey LIVE to celebrate the wealth of talent that is Dallas’ diverse and talented art scene.

Featuring the work of local artists.

PRESALE Ticket Deadline: Thu, Mar 29th, 2018

Tickets $22 presale:

What the Luck? | St. Patrick's Day Tshirt | Lucky Graphic Tee | Monkey & The Bee

Project Funway w/ Sassy O’Hara

APRIL 18th – 10PM to 2AM

JOIN YOUR HOST SASSY for PROJECT FUNWAY sponsored by Kruto Vodka USA & Monkey & The Bee!

Project Funway is a fashion game show with judges, an emcee, and a roomful of admiring fashionistas.

$100 Cash Prize / night – sponsored by Kruto Vodka USA
Tee or Tank of your choice for 1st Runner up – Sponsored by Monkey & The Bee

Test your design skills by bedazzling, pinning, taping, and/or stapling your best creation or just sit back, grab an adult beverage and enjoy the show, while cheering on your favorite contestant(s).

Keep up with all our EVENTS!

Would you like us to pop-up at your venue? Do you think your customer would like to meet us and shop our gear … shoot us an email!

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Did you know?

Thirsty Graphic | Monkey & The Bee
The THRIST-TEE | Black VNeck Tshirt | Monkey & The Bee

Our first Tee/Tank of the year is up for Pre-Order.

We have them in production and should be shipping them out at the end of next week.

This THIRST-TEE is a definite must have for everyone. The Monkey & The Bee have just been giggling over this design. A manga inspired milkshake asks, “Thirsty?”

Dallas Thunder Kitties Team Tee | PSSA | Dallas Softball | Monkey & The Bee

Monkey & The Bee is always looking for different ways to give back to the community. This year, we are sponsoring one of the Dallas Softball Teams … The Dallas Thunder Kitties!

We will be out at some of the games this season with our shop set up … and selling their team t-shirts online here! The shirts are in production right now but, as soon as we have them we will let you know!


Check out Monkey & The Bee’s team fundraising page for True Colors Fund: